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08/01/09 06:29 PM #11    

Daniel Lewis

Nice job on the site Julie!!!!

Sorry I will miss the reunuion, you all come up and see me some time, we wouldn't have any fun! Have fun you all and leave the horn alone!

08/03/09 11:52 PM #12    

David Olson

1979 the year ac dc came out with highway to hell album there was some good music in our days and good partying we all got along and it was awesome I still like that music and so do my boys rock on dave olson

08/06/09 10:07 AM #13    

Rene Hall

I just hope I remember people's names. In my old age I am horrible at that. Speaking of old age my feet hurt so if there is anyone at the reunion that could let me get a piggyback ride from them that would be great!

08/08/09 05:35 PM #14    

June Stover (Klann)

Great job Julie on the website, even though my husband and I couldn't attend the events it sure was great to see what everyone is up to and to hear from some fellow classmates. I agree, I hope this website can stay going after the reunion to continue getting in contact with fellow classmates. Thanks again for all your hard work in putting it all together.

08/09/09 05:07 PM #15    

Cheryl Haase (Beecher)

To all that attended this year's reunion, a big
THANKS to Julie Valenzia/Miller who put alot of time and dedication into this party. Without her, we would have not found alot of out lost classmates. Please keep in touch some how for our 35th reunion.
Cheryl Haase/Beecher

08/12/09 08:05 PM #16    

Wendy Graham (Miller)

It was a nice time seeing faces of classmates I have not seen in years. I so appreciated the DJ and his mix of music. It was nice to see so many people dancing and having a good time. I also appreciate the website.
I hope we can collect enough funds to keep it going and
hopefully draw more of our classmates onto the site to
update their profiles and join us for the 35 year party.
Thanks to Julie for getting the website set up and coordinating the party. Also thank you to anyone who worked behind the scenes to make the reunion a success.

08/19/09 09:06 PM #17    

Kathy Klock (Rockett)

Thanks to those of you that posted pics from the reunion. Great to see for those of us unable to attend...just wish my glasses were strong enough to read name tags on some :)

08/28/09 06:24 PM #18    


Susan Stutika (Ross)

I loved looking at the photos you posted! I wish you would add names so the faces could be more easily identified! LOL Sorry I have not been able to attend one reunion yet so I cannot recognize some classmates..... Julie.... amazing.... you havent changed much at all!!!!!

08/28/09 11:11 PM #19    

Julie Valenza (Miller)

If you place your mouse over the photo's you'll see the names of the classmates. Julie

09/09/09 01:01 PM #20    

Julie Valenza (Miller)

I posted Johns article on our webpage under reunion article. Thanks John it's great and so true. Julie

07/20/14 04:34 PM #21    

Darryl McCants

The 30th reunion turned out to be pretty fun.  I stopped at the Red Hotel a few weeks ago, so it's a very nice Hotel.  I'am looking forward to stopping by after working my usual long day.  A drink or two might do me good lol.  Great job putting this together...

08/04/14 11:40 AM #22    

Julie Valenza (Miller)

Thanks! See you soon

07/12/17 12:46 AM #23    

Jerry Raffel

Wow, 2 more years and 40 years have passed since we graduated from old Eastside High!



07/12/17 11:08 PM #24    

Julie Valenza (Miller)


07/13/17 08:30 AM #25    

Mary Steffen (Stoflet)

This has been such a wonderful site to go and look and check on what everyone's been doing thank you so much for this wonderful site I use it all the time. Always fun to go down memory lane

07/13/17 09:24 PM #26    

Jim Schumann

I'm with Julie.  Don't remind us we're getting old, Jerry. smiley  Agree about the website.  It's fabulous! 

11/02/18 01:43 PM #27    

Megan Reilly (Koepsell)

Are there any plans in the works for a 40th ( :0 ) reunion next summer?

11/04/18 06:06 AM #28    


John Hoffman

Please disregard my initial post. Julie recently put the official information on the home page, which is:

East High School


Class Of 1979


Welcome to Madison East Class of 79' Home page.  If you are new to the site click on the 79' classmate profile and update your profile.




August 24th

Bridges Golf Course Bar and Restaurant

More information to come!




*INCORRECT* Rob Penfield told me maybe the 40th reunion will happen the weekend of August 16-17, 2019....?

11/05/18 03:54 PM #29    

Megan Reilly (Koepsell)

John Hoffman, Thanks so much for the information!  I'll mark my calendar for that weekend.

11/06/18 10:45 AM #30    

Amy Schamens (Dellis)

I will keep checking back.  Will mark my calendar for that weekend.  Now that I am back in WI perhaps I will be able to attend.    Thanks for keeping the info flowing.    






11/06/18 07:32 PM #31    

Julie Valenza (Miller)

Working on a venue. That date may not work. Hopefully we’ll know soon.

11/16/18 04:37 PM #32    

Laura Henkel (Mecum)

Julie, let me know if you are looking to get a DJ for the reunion, my son works with Extreme Sound and does DJ'ing. 

11/17/18 09:59 PM #33    

Julie Valenza (Miller)

That sounds great! 

01/24/19 06:14 PM #34    


John Hoffman

40th Reunion Motorcycle Ride?

Polling interest: does anyone else still ride motorcycycle, and be interested in a Class of 1979 Group Ride, maybe on Friday afternoon, or maybe on Saturday 10-2? Weather permitting, of course. Route TBD, but thinking the "Driftless Area" out toward Blue Mound State Park & Dodgeville (open to other ideas). We can grab lunch somewhere, then wind our way back to Madison.

Interested former riders might check out relatively new "shareconomy" sites like Twisted Road or Riders-Share. Each site currently has a couple different models available for $75/day. I can't speak for everyone, but if my wife doesn't come down, I'd be willing to take an interested classmate on the back. I'm mellow now! smiley





02/01/19 01:21 PM #35    

Beverly Ferguson

Sounds more fun than Golf!

Pictured is my newest (actually older than the last) summer ride of choice.

Bev.erly Ferguson aka: SunShine 

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